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The Java User Group Lugano is a group of enthusiasts of the Java programming language and of all the Open Source technologies surrounding it. JUG Lugano is a non-profit organization based in wonderful Lugano, southern Switzerland. The aim of the JUG Lugano is to provide software engineers active on Java and related open source technologies with a common place to meet in person, share knowledge and experiences, seek advice, and establish a professional and personal network. Contents at JUG Lugano is welcome both in Italian and English.

The University of Lugano and OSLab kindly endorsed the project further to Ex Machina SAGL foundation of the Java User Group Lugano. We will therefore have a great venue for our meetings, and it will be easy for IT students of all levels to get in in touch with the JUG.

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28 - Apr - 2015

Meeting #26

Git - practical use


LambdaJ at J1 again!

01 Jul 2010

LambdaJ at J1 again!

Mario has done it again! :| he is going to be conference session speaker at Java1 in S.Francisco later in Sept.2010, presenting the latest about LambdaJ. For more info click on the url http://www.eventreg.com/cc250/sessionDetail.jsp?SID=314002

Happy birthday JUG Lugano!

12 Oct 2009

Happy birthday JUG Lugano!

Saturday Oct 10th JUG Lugano turned 1 year! Happy birthday JUG Lugano :)) we wish you all the best and to grow beyond expectations. Best of luck everyone!

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Ex Machina SAGL
Sun Microsystem
OSLab University of Lugano

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Metting #26

Ciao a tutti, martedì 28 aprile ci sarà il prossimo incontro del JUGLugano con una bella novità: si terrà negli uffici di Ex Machina gentilmente messi a disposizione da Sebastiano, dopo il talk c'è la possibilità di prendere delle pizze da asporto così da continuare la discussione senza interru

Meeting #25

Ciao Juggers! Here the results of yesterday's meeting. First of all, thank you very much to all the attendees! As announced, we gave the presentation in Italian, then we talked in front of a (very good actually) pizza about the future of the group. Since there weren't english-speaking people,

Reminder: next meeting mon 23/03

Ciao a tutti, don't miss our next meeting on monday 23rd! Besides our technical presentation that will hopefully be interesting (Sylvain and myself will present http://alf.io, the open source ticket reservation system that we developed for Voxxed Days Ticino, with the focus on "how we secured the ap

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WPF Tooling in Blend and Visual Studio 2015

A question that keeps coming up is whether or not Blend should be integrated into Visual Studio. The current thought is that it is still better to have separate tools, one focused on UI design tasks and one focused on application development. But that doesn’t mean both can’t be improved. By Jonathan Allen

Interview: Caitie McCaffrey on Scaling Halo 4 Services, the Orleans Actor Framework, Distributed Programming

Caitie McCaffrey talks about scaling game backend services for Halo 4 and others, stress & performance testing, the Orleans actor framework, and the future of distributed programming. By Caitie McCaffrey

Chip Childers on Modern Application Architecture and Cloud Native Application Platform

Programming frameworks, containers, and application platforms are some of the components that make up the modern application architecture. Chip Childers of Cloud Foundry Foundation spoke at ApacheCon Conference last week about modern application architecture and the cloud native application platform. By Srini Penchikala


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