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The Java User Group Lugano is a group of enthusiasts of the Java programming language and of all the Open Source technologies surrounding it. JUG Lugano is a non-profit organization based in wonderful Lugano, southern Switzerland. The aim of the JUG Lugano is to provide software engineers active on Java and related open source technologies with a common place to meet in person, share knowledge and experiences, seek advice, and establish a professional and personal network. Contents at JUG Lugano is welcome both in Italian and English.

The University of Lugano and OSLab kindly endorsed the project further to Ex Machina SAGL foundation of the Java User Group Lugano. We will therefore have a great venue for our meetings, and it will be easy for IT students of all levels to get in in touch with the JUG.

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25 - Jun - 2015

Meeting #28

YetAnotherInternalFrameworks: Crepuscolo e Jalia


LambdaJ at J1 again!

01 Jul 2010

LambdaJ at J1 again!

Mario has done it again! :| he is going to be conference session speaker at Java1 in S.Francisco later in Sept.2010, presenting the latest about LambdaJ. For more info click on the url http://www.eventreg.com/cc250/sessionDetail.jsp?SID=314002

Happy birthday JUG Lugano!

12 Oct 2009

Happy birthday JUG Lugano!

Saturday Oct 10th JUG Lugano turned 1 year! Happy birthday JUG Lugano :)) we wish you all the best and to grow beyond expectations. Best of luck everyone!

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reminder: meeting #28

Ciao Juggers, a quick reminder about the next meeting, which will take place next thursday (25/6) at 18:30 in the room SI-008 at USI. This time Simone Gianni and Daniele Madama will present: "YetAnotherInternalFrameworks: Crepuscolo e Jalia" (the talk will be given in Italian) Since some of

Meeting #29 - 25/6/2015

Hi Juggers! The details about the next meeting have been finalized, it will take place on thu 25th June. Daniele Madama and Simone Gianni will present: "YetAnotherInternalFrameworks: Crepuscolo e Jalia". The talk will be given in Italian. The location will be the room SI-008 at USI, as

[Free Software Foundation] Richard Stallman to speak in Italy, June 18th and 26th, 2015


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Oracle Initiates Plan to Remove sun.misc.Unsafe

Oracle has started discussions to create a plan for the removal of sun.misc.Unsafe. Despite being part of an unsupported, proprietary API, this class is widely used by a number of popular tools due to its ability to provide low-level access to memory management. For this reason, Oracle is engaging with the community to create a supported alternative. By Abraham Marín Pérez

Presentation: Eclipse & Gradle–The Best of Both Worlds

Hans Dockter, Etienne Studer present an Eclipse plug-in for Gradle, demonstrating the integration between Eclipse and Gradle. By Hans Dockter, Etienne Studer

Article: Self-service Delivery Platform at Tuenti

Óscar San José, technical lead at Tuenti (largest Spanish social network) explains how and why their in-house Flow deployment system allowed developer teams to be more independent and deliver faster. By Óscar San José


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